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VIEW is the brainchild of Chris Dunsdon and Neil Wells (Assistant Head Teacher) from Bowden House School in Seaford, East Sussex.

VIEW is a web app that digitised their incumbent progress reporting “sticker books” and delivers real time progress reporting for all their pupils.


Currently operating on physical stickers and books, Bowden House needed a more efficient way to reward progress stickers and track individual students’ progress reports.

They won’t mind us saying that this was all to be done on a pretty limited budget.



On the face of it, a fairly simple app actually needed a certain amount of refinement at this stage to achieve an achievable MVP.

By using a CSV upload method rather than full edit functionality within the app, we were able to keep the scope manageable.


We utilised Bowden House’s pre-existing brand language and expanded it with subtlety, allowing us to create a simple yet identifiable aesthetics.


Most apps have fairly simple logic to begin with however Bowden House’s pupil performance tracking requirement and ultimately algorithm was a bit of a brain teaser.

We began by understanding the theoretical performance tracking system used in the school, and then translated that to a solution for the app.  Ultimately ensuring all children’s performance would be tracked in real time, at any point in their school career. : )


Admins, Teachers, and Display users are able to access the app with their own allocated permissions to specific functions, allowing greater control over VIEW’s comprehensive data.


As well as creating digital report cards for student progress analysis, we also included a print function.

This allows physical reports to be printed for multiple purposes such as sharing to parents, book-keeping, or anything else really.


We digitised their sticker books method in two ways to optimise their user experience. Teachers and Admins are able to reward stickers either to a single student via a visual sticker book view, or to multiple students via a more functional table view.


We’re delighted to have partnered with Bowden House for the View project, and are excited for the impact it will have in the school for the children.

As it is a genuine partnership we are now excited to have conversations about taking it beyond just Bowden House School.   Given how cutting edge the technology is for a school environment, we think it should have some legs.

We digitised the way that the Bowden House school awards and tracks students’ progress, reimagining their sticker book experience and beyond.

Education | Digitisation | Performance Tracking


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