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Richard Browning is the founder of human propulsion technology startup Gravity, which has invented, built and patented a personal flight system.

We were introduced to Gravity and Richard by Mark Hester at Imagination Factory whom we had collaborated with on the initial project.


Gravity required an Android app that could interact with the pilot’s Sony SmartEye glasses, in order to display critical flight data such as fuel consumption, flight time and speed.

Working with Imagination Factory, we designed and developed the app which displayed simple, non-distracting data visuals of flight information.



The initial challenges were to understand the new Sony technology that was being used and also evaluate what data was fundamental for the pilot to ensure a safe flight. 


We provided simple, striking and clear design elements on both the android device and the SmartEye glasses. After multiple iterations, the simplest design also provided the optimal solution for the pilot.


The Sony SmartEye glass connected through bluetooth to the Android device, and the Android device to the flight suit via WiFi over UDP for fuel, and engine data. The speed was measured using GPS coordinates.


Our lead software developer, Srinivas, along with Henry Dobson, our resident adviser, were invited to attend a TEDx event in Mumbai (Feb 2018) where Richard gave a demonstration of the Gravity suit. They were both available should any technical support have been required on the day.


Throughout the project, Richard provided us with constant feedback on how the app was performing along with ideas on how the display of data could be improved. This ensured a hyper-rapid “Build Measure Learn” feedback loop with the key user, delivering regular updates and product evolutions.


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