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MVP_ iOS APP _ 2021



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Gigsta is a startup formed by Hussain Shabbir and Yuting Zhao from the University of Birmingham in the summer of 2021.

It is a mobile app that is dedicated to bringing location-specific gig work, such as working at a bar or a restaurant, to the UK student market.


Gigsta were looking to build a totally bespoke mobile application for their concept with a limited budget.

We set about bringing their marketplace to life, first with a punchy visual identity, and latterly by using our internal development tool Rippler to conclude the core flows.



This involves mapping the core data flows and user actions across the app. We also like to evaluate the key design decisions, and finalise logic.


Having established the target audiences and the brand language, we're able to swiftly pull together an intuitive and visually-engaging user interface for the relevant users.


The development phase pulls the UI & Information Architecture phases together. We like to develop the flows so that we can provide regular demos to the client.


The app is deployed on the "OK" of the client, and can be delivered on their servers or ours.


The Gigsta app is a unique take on the service-based marketplace requiring two core flows, one for the student (seeker) and one for business (job provider). There is also an admin flow on the web.


We created a brand identity that is both bold and beautiful, carefully striking a nice balance between colours and contrast. With Gigsta’s target audience in mind, creative nuances such as use of gradients along with dark/light themes gave a professional, unique, and slick aesthetic.


It was key for us to maintain the visibility of the  Gigsta journey via “steppers” that present themselves after certain milestones.


Alongside profile creation, the QR code feature is key in Gigsta’s sign-in/out procedure, making it easy and quick to register the gig’s start and end times. 


We recommend that all apps use the KPI feature from Rippler which measure app “traction”. The Gigsta team are also able to manage and view the key activities occurring in the app.


The Gigsta app is due to be deployed in the next few weeks on iOS and this will be shortly followed by deployment on Android.  We’ve had a wonderful time curating this app with their team, have been blown over by the impact of Rippler and are excited about Gigsta’ potential for future growth.


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