Project Mapimo 2023 - Rippler

Intuitive admin features to manage and create research projects and more!

User-Generated Content | Maps | Wellbeing Research


3-4 Months





Mapimo develops key academic research via emotional mapping of users for projects spanning topics such as Climate Change and Indigenous Rights.


Owned by Western Sydney University.

We progressed the MVP, expanding the project to create a platform that can now accommodate more projects within the same system, under a new name and brand.

Mapimo’s webapp and native solution

An emotion-centric map for a different perspective.

User-generated reports are key to Mapimo’s success

Mapimo has empowered researchers to collect vital information for their specific projects digitally. They’re able to collate collected data more efficiently via the admin portal.

The project is driven by Michelle Catanzaro and Katrina Sandbach. We’ve been working with them since 2021 as we look to further enhance and optimise the Mapimo app experience for all.

“We’ve been bowled over by the team, they have been able to deliver our complex requirements fast and efficiently. Every time we have a request we will get a response within the hour, every time.”

Michelle Catanzaro

“We have taken advantage of Rippler’s customisability and Whyable have managed to create a beautiful product for us. Groundbreaking.”

Katrina Sandbach

We love how the perception of a “map” can transcend its utilitarian roots. Mapimo has reframed it into a more emotion-centric exercise to promote emotional awareness and wellbeing alongside providing vital information for researchers.

As our partnership with the Mapimo team continues to be a successful one, the team are working towards integrating more and more projects as well as optimising the overall user experience.

We digitised the way that the Bowden House school awards and tracks students’ progress, reimagining their sticker book experience and beyond.

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A web app digitising a school's sticker book, allowing teachers to assign progress stickers to students and view individual reports.

Education | Digitisation | Performance Tracking